.@DuaneAAA was a friend and a T.O. supporter from Day one, and always was the first to offer help or support to anyone who needed it. Loved hockey, loved concerts/events, loved getting out there and experiencing everything he could. #RIP

At the top of the hour (noon pacific), we'll be going live with our buddy, @ThatGirlChip from @TotallyOffsides to talk about #Shoresy S01E02 - Veteran Presence.
Be there!

I think this was the only bold prediction any of us made so far that was right 😂 @ThatGirlChip @Dellitweets @JeffHardwick6

Kings Realm at Crypto South to pay respect to Getzy! Kings Fans, find Ime tonight and a beers on me! @TotallyOffsides
#GKG #CongratsGetzlaf #thankyouCaptain @LAKings @AnaheimDucks @NHL

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