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  • Episode 53: Perry Gonna Perry

    Chip and Tyler Holle discuss Corey Perry's ejection from the Winter Classic, missing his homecoming to Anaheim, and the glorious "Walk of Shame" memes. Also, why Chip doesn't want to watch the last episode of this season of "Letterkenny", the episode may end in the dumbest way imaginable as the "Ultimate Ducks Fan" barges in on the episode and more. Not gonna apologize for how it ends. It's so dumb, and you're welcome.

  • Episode 52: Goalie Gang

    It's a Goalie Skate! Chip is joined by Jason Lamb from Forever Mighty and Jake Robles to give you goalie insight from 3 Vezina contenders....or close? Learn why these men got into goalie, listen to them chirp Chip and give her tips, and Jake has flashbacks from one encounter in a game that still has him reeling months later.

  • Totally Offsides Ep 51: Luc Robitaille

    Chip and Kevin Ryder of KROQ's Kevin & Bean Show sat down and chatted with Los Angeles Kings President/ Hockey HOF-er Luc Robitaille during the offseason. They get his feel for the Kings going forward this season, his approach to off-season training during his time as a player, why he loves "Slapshot" so much, the relationship of both So Cal hockey clubs growing the sport in the region and much more.