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  • Episode 113: How the Mighty Mighty have fallen

    Chip and Jeff chat about a Rams/ Bengals Super Bowl, the best non-breakfast breakfast foods, Chip’s thoughts on the women’s tournament in Vegas, big goals for Kings and Ducks rookies, […]

  • Episode 111: Sometimes, #TeamChaos backfires

    A #1 Fan of #TeamChaos, Chip realizes her tournament next week takes her out of town for the one game she has been looking forward to for YEARS...Perry's return to Anaheim. Also, what effect does this game have on the "Twin Paradox"? Also, Chip, Khalid and Anthony discuss the All-Star Game roster, Gibson is in, Terry and Zegras are not, and why do we care about this roster anyways? Also, Anthony has thoughts on Tuukka Rask's return to the Bruins, and a guessing game about the NHL's most annoying fanbases.

  • Episode 110: Diggin’ Deep into Huckin Octopi

    After a random text sent by a non-hockey fan friend asking about it, Chip, Jeff and Anthony decide to do a deep dive into the Detroit Red Wings' tradition of throwing an octopus onto the ice during playoff games. When did it start? What is the etiquette? Jeff shares an amazing first-hand account of an attempt, and more. And! of course Send It, general nonsense, and something you should NOT look up on Urban Dictionary.