In the spirit of Halloween week, we concoct nightmare scenarios for NHL teams

[Chip, Jeff, Anthony, Nick, & Khalid]

With it being spooky week, we thought it would be fun to make up some scary scenarios for this season, for almost every team* (*Chicago….sit out this week, you did enough to yourself).

If any of these come true…NOT OUR FAULT.

Anaheim Ducks- The scariest scenario for Anaheim would be keeping Bob Murray in ANY kind of position where he gets to make personnel decisions. The man is a dinosaur and the game has passed him by. (Nick)

Eichel to Ducks and he stinks or is injured OR they keep Eakins past this season. (Anthony)

Extending Bob Murray past this season. They have made some steps forward, hopefully, it’s too early in the season to see if they keep with it, but this team needs someone new at the helm if they want to see any real change for the future (Chip)

Arizona Coyotes- After that article from last year about the Coyotes, if the Murelos continue to own the team. That’s a black eye for the NHL. (Anthony)

Boston Bruins- The Bruins always seem to be a preseason Cup contender, and although New England doesn’t NEED another championship, it’s hard to argue that the top line of Marchand, Bergeron, and Pasta isn’t fun as hell to watch. The scariest scenario for the B’s right now is them not realizing that potential that all the hockey insiders talk about and not getting over the hump with this aging group. (Nick)

Buffalo Sabres- Any scenario where Jack Eichel cannot be moved (Jeff)

Calgary Flames- If the Flames trade Gaudreau while Sam Bennet lights it up in Florida, that would be terrible.(Anthony)

Carolina Hurricanes- It’s still early, but the Tony D pickup was the talk of the offseason…if he goes back to his ways, it would be black eye for the lovable “bunch of jerks”, I mean, this pickup already had everyone shaking their heads (Chip)

Chicago Blackhawks 
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Colorado Avalanche- Mediocrity, first round loss in the playoffs (Jeff)

Columbus Blue Jackets-If they have a mediocre season or remain competitive but miss the playoffs in a deep draft year and also either miss the lottery or have terrible odds for a top pick, that worst be the worst case scenario. They haven’t had a franchise player since Rick Nash. (Anthony)

Dallas Stars– Tyler Seguin bounces (Khalid)

Detroit Red Wings- I was going to say that the worst-case scenario would be Yzerman not being able to work his magic compared to what he did in Tampa, but I don’t think that will happen. Seider and Raymond his two big draft picks so far are producing already. Edvinsson is too early in his career to tell but the guys he drafted that have had NHL experience look good so far.

Percentages wise, it’s Bertuzzi. His refusal to get vaccinated already means he’s going to miss games in Canada. If Detroit suddenly becomes competitive for a playoff spot and things don’t change, they are going to be missing their best player for 9 games. That is a blow.
Even worse if he makes someone sick, like his own newborn that is due in March, that would be a nightmare scenario for everyone. (Anthony)

Edmonton Oilers- The obvious one here is Connor McDavid, fed up with lack of playoff success, requesting a trade. Obviously the Oilers are off to a hot start, but if they can’t sustain it all season or exit the playoffs in the first round, will Connor start getting the itch to play elsewhere? (Nick)

Florida Panthers-
Panthers are, as of this writing, undefeated in their first 6 games, and look to finally be out of the seemingly bottomless pit of hopeless NHL teams. Sergei Bobrovsky has bounced back, and Spencer Knight back been great backing him up, I think goaltending regressing and sputter the team’s forward momentum would be the Panthers’ nightmare (Chip)

Los Angeles Kings-
One thing all fans for the Pacific Division can agree on is that Knights fans are intolerable. The only thing more painful for Ducks fans is Kings fans who have a 3rd Cup before the Ducks get another one. LA has the best prospect pool of any NHL team, so the thought of them winning a 3rd Cup before Anaheim is SCARY. (Nick)

Byfield and Turcotte are flops. (Anthony)

A weak Pacific Division and team that has gone through a rebuild the right way, if they can’t capitalize this season and at least carve a spot in the playoffs, that’d be a missed opportunity (Chip)

Minnesota Wild- Zuccarello falls off a cliff and Kaprizov either doesn’t live up to his contract or retires to play in the KHL.(Anthony)

Montreal Canadiens- They continue their offensive power outage. Over the past few years, they’ve had good underlying offensive numbers but couldn’t score. Now their offensive numbers are slipping. If Caulfield and Anderson and Dvorak and Suzuki all continue not to put up points, they are sunk. If Kotkaniemi goes on to light it up for Carolina after scoring his first goal against Montreal, that is their nightmare. (Anthony)

Nashville Predators- Fangarang 2.0, THE RETURN. Also their mustard yellow jerseys somehow get mustard-ier (Chip)

New Jersey Devils- Kind of in that same place as their Big Apple rivals in that they have a young core with some potential superstars like Jack Hughes and Nico Hischier. Adding Dougie Hamilton this past offseason makes it feel like the Devils have a plan, hopefully management has the stones to see it all the way thru. (Nick)

New York Islanders-
Deep playoff runs in multiple previous seasn, everyone always seems to forget the Islanders, or call them “boring”. They have a new building opening this year in UBS Arena, would be a shame to stink it up that shiny place and fumble out of a playoff spot in a crowded Metropolitan Division (Chip)

New York Rangers-
Giving up on their young talent too early. They’ve had really high picks in Kakko and Lafreniere, a young Norris winner in Adam Fox, and decent goaltending on good contracts. Would be scary to see them give up on that young talent too soon if they don’t see success as quickly as their fan base might want them to. (Nick)

Ottawa Senators- They called the rebuild officially over. We’ve heard that before in Anaheim. Sometimes just saying it out loud doesn’t make it so. A nightmare realized for them would be their version of pulling a Bob Murray (Chip)

Philadelphia Flyers– Giroux wants to leave to play in Pittsburgh (Khalid)

Pittsburgh Penguins-  See Avalanche (Jeff)

San Jose Sharks- They started off strong, and their goaltending issues may finally be solved….but what if that drops off again? (Chip)

Seattle Kraken– Getting swept by Vegas. The ultimate nightmare. That’s nightmare fuel for Kraken fans and Vegas haters. (Khalid)

St. Louis Blues- Losing to Tampa Bay in the Final (Jeff)

Tampa Bay Lightning- No one making enough money gets hurt in order to circumvent the cap (Jeff)

Toronto Maple Leafs– They’re already experiencing it in real time right now, but I’ll say Nick Ritchie costing them a Game 7 in the first round against Boston (Khalid)

Vancouver Canucks- Having a terrible season, then not getting a great draft pick in the lottery (Jeff)

Vegas Golden Knights- That they win the Cup in the next 1-3 years. It’s a scary scenario because every hockey fan that isn’t a fan of Vegas, will have to suffer thru and already insufferable fan base. You give them a Cup in their first 5-7 years and we’ll never hear the end of it. (Nick)

Washington Capitals– Ovechkin pulls a Kovalchuk and goes to the KHL (Khalid)

Winnipeg Jets- The Jets feel like the most vanilla team in the league, not really too many “scary” scenarios come to mind. They’ve been an above average team for the last half of a decade, and are generally picked by the experts to make deep playoff runs. They have yet to meet those expectations, so i guess the scariest scenario for Winnipeg is them staying in that purgatory of mediocrity and never realizing their full potential. (Nick)

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