Beer Leagues are returning- Let us help you fill your rosters!

As announced by The Rinks this week, registration is FINALLY open for the return of adult leagues! Get Stoked!

So, as teams are rushing to get rosters together, we wanna help you get that wrapped up, or if you’re a free agent looking for a slot, sent us an email, or hit us up via Instagram or Twitter (@TotallyOffsides) and let us know these things: Rink(s) of choice, level, and position.

Below are our currently available free agents:

Scott W.– Great Park or Anaheim, Goalie
Ryan W.– Great Park, Center or Defense (Tin or Copper)

Marty G.– Great Park, Defense(but flexible)
Mitch H.– Great Park, Forward
Dylan W.- Great Park, Wing (Tin-Copper-Bronze)

Jon G.– LA County or Simi Valley rinks, Defense (High Bronze or Low Silver)
Tino G.– Great Park or Anaheim, defense (Bronze or Silver)
Kevin J.– Anaheim or Yorba Linda, Goalie
Bret D.– Lakewood, Defense
Joel K.– Great Park, Center or Wing
Daniel D.– Anaheim or Yorba Linda, Forward/Center

Jordan G.– Lakewood, Defense (Silver or Gold)

Tyler P.– Great Park or Anaheim, Goalie (or Elite at Great Park)

I am also available for your subbing needs. Goalie or Skater it’s the return of RENT-A-CHIP. Prices are reasonable, but there also better be beer.