Chip & The Crew

Danielle “Chip” Lehman

Captain. Ringleader. Harbinger of Chaos. Enemy of Zorbs. Better than you’d think goalie.
Totally Offsides, started in 2018 as a  solo side project suggested by friend/former coworker/nemesis Larry Morgan as an opportunity to give her a creative outlet that wasn’t readily available in her radio time. After going along as a solo project for almost 2 years, Chip brought on a staff of suckers, I mean friends, to get in on the fun.

  • Favorite non-hockey things: Concerts (also free agent bassist), Horror, Stand up comedy, Call of Duty but only played the jackassery way
  • Favorite hockey memory: The Comeback on Katella. Sat in a row of Oilers fans, and it was miserable for 57 mins of that game. I got the last laugh, of course.
  • My goal song: Run the Jewels- Close your Eyes
  • Top item on my hockey bucket list: Get a goddamn shutout. It eludes me. Also, see a game in every NHL arena.
  • My favorite team is gone, who do I root for: The Sharks. I probably would’ve picked them as a kid if the Ducks never happened anyways.

Anthony Ciardelli

Anthony Ciardelli is a freelance journalist living near Los Angeles. He grew up learning to skate on the pond behind his house in Vermont before moving to New Hampshire. He played competitive hockey until he was 19 when he went to college in Los Angeles. Anthony has written features about the Ducks published in, The Hockey News and the Los Angeles Times. In his free time, he surfs. He also LOVES parsley.

  • First or favorite hockey memory: Winning the NH State Championship with my team my senior year in high school
  • My goal song: “Anthem” by Blink 182
  • Top item in your hockey bucket list: Seeing a game in Vegas
  • Hockey personality you want to have dinner with: Brett Hull seems like a good time
  • If you could be any food, what food would you be: Sicilian style pepperoni pizza

CJ Woodling

Despite popular belief, CJ doesn’t just look at spreadsheets all day. He also watches hockey games when the strain from staring at his computer gets to be too much.CJ’s work can be found at Crash The Pond and occasionally on Crash The Pond’s podcast.

  • My goal song: “Bulls On Parade” by Rage Against The Machine
  • What I bring to my Totally Offsides episodes: the squiggly lines
  • Favorite non-hockey things: sneakers, Disneyland, traveling, baseball
  • Your favorite team is gone, who do you root for now: As far as hockey goes, call me a Caniac. The Kraken have also been sneaking up my list before they’ve even played a game.
  • Top item on your hockey bucket list: play a game on Lake Louise in Banff, Alberta.

Jeff Hardwick

Jeff Hardwick is a coach, educator, and founder of the Hardwick Academy, an organization that coaches and tutors kids all over Los Angeles. As a kid, he learned the game of hockey from his uncle, a former junior goaltender in Montreal. While having experience as a center and defenseman both in beer leagues and briefly with CSUF, he started and spent a majority of his playing time as a goaltender. Jeff has coached multiple championship youth hockey teams over the years as well, starting as a volunteer coach at 18. He is also the host of For Christ’s Sake, a podcast that dives into the interplay between the modern world and the church.

  • Favorite hockey memory: My first Kings game at the Forum. Coming through the gates and into the concourse, I saw the white of the ice for the first time through the tunnel and it stopped me dead in my tracks. If that wasn’t enough, Marty McSorely and Owen Nelson dropped the gloves at the opening faceoff. I was hooked.
  • My goal song: Deadbolt by Thrice
  • What I bring to Totally Offsides: There are a great many things I bring to the various episodes I have been blessed to be a part of so far. I believe chief among them, as the resident Kings fan of the crew, is to be the lighting rod for the hate and animosity that unites the rest of the squad
  • Top item on my hockey bucket list: Playing in the pond hockey world championships in Minnesota
  • If I could be any food, I would definitely be: a burrito…but nachos

Khalid Hart

My name is Khalid and Chip invited me to be loud in all our listeners’ ears, so that’s what I’m here to do. Long-time Ducks and hockey fan. Ready to debate anything sports or hockey-related.

  • First Hockey Memory: Having my first authentic hockey jersey signed by Devante Smith-Pelly
  • What do I bring to Totally Offsides: Jokes and yelling in our listeners’ ears every single time
  • Hockey personality you would want to have dinner with: Mike “Doc” Emrick
  • Your favorite team is gone, who do you root for now: Philadelphia Flyers
  • Top item on my hockey bucket list: Witnessing a hat trick live in person

Kirstie Bender

  • Listen to my episodes for: the ranting🚀
  • My goal song: “Oye Como Va” by Santana
  • If I could be any food, I would be: tacos
  • Favorite non-hockey things: baseball, National Parks (pick one) & traveling
  • Top item on my hockey bucket list: seeing a game in every arena

Nick Pappas

  • First or favorite hockey memory: Watching the first Mighty Ducks’ first home game ever in a suite with Dave Coulier from Full House. I have no idea how that happened.
  • My goal song: “Ironic” but Alanis Morissette
  • What I bring to my Totally Offsides episodes: Water bottle (no top), notepad, iPad, headphones, a good attitude!
  • Favorite non-hockey things: Sneakers and skateboarding…and muh cats
  • Your favorite team is gone, who do you root for now: Phil Kessel’s team, wherever he is

Stephen Janes

Stephen first fell in love with the game of hockey when he attended his first NHL game and witnessed Wayne Gretzky score twice. I think the Los Angeles Kings lost that game to the St. Louis Blues, but we’re not worried about semantics. Thanks to a Disney movie and NHL 94 for the Super Nintendo, he pledged his allegiance to the then Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, and hasn’t looked back since (even though it’s been dicey and my choices are questionable at best at times). Aside from hockey, I’m also an avid baseball (the geographically confusing Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim) and football fan (Indianapolis Colts). I’ve been podcasting since 2005 and have been looking to talk hockey on a regular basis, so joining the Totally Offsides crew was a match made in some weird version of heaven. My hobbies include playing video games, divulging in Marvel and Star Wars lore, and travelling. The better looking Terror Twin.

  • Favorite hockey memory: Watching the Mighty Ducks during their Stanley Cup run in 2003. It felt like they went to overtime every game, so I’d beg my parents to let me stay up past my bedtime in order to watch the game. It wasn’t an issue until the five-overtime game against the Dallas Stars. Also, the “Off the floor, off the board” moment by Paul Kariya still gives me chills to this day. 2007 was cool too, I guess.
  • My goal song:“In Due Time” by Killswitch Engage.
  • What I bring to my TO episodes: Hopefully entertainment, because I got shit-all past that. Maybe some Terror, depending on who my fellow co-host is.
  • A hill I would die on: Pineapple deserves to be on pizza.
  • A hockey personality I would like to have dinner with: Hilary Knight, mostly because she gave me a beer once at Honda Center that I confusedly refused so I want her to know it wasn’t personal.
  • If I could be any food, what food would I be: Marshmallows. I don’t understand this question.
  • I will never get over this player for leaving my favorite team: Andy McDonald. I finally was able to wear my Mighty Duck AndyMac jersey to a game for the first time in 2008, only to learn he had literally been traded that afternoon.
  • If the Anaheim Ducks are gone, who do I root for now: The San Diego Gulls.
  • Top item on my hockey bucket list-: To watch a game in every NHL arena (currently been to seven).